The 12345678.. No, “De 9 straatjes”!

Hi guys!

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog.. My laptop has been broken since I downloaded a new version for my laptop (Yosemite) which unfortunately didn’t work. But it’s fixed and I can pick up the blog! I spend my weekend at Amsterdam with family and had a lot of fun, visited a lot of cool places and got a lot to blog about! Well first things first..
This one is about the ‚9 straatjes’! It’s a pretty well-known part of Amsterdam, 9 streets with a lot of shops, resto’s and cute stores located at pretty picturesque and monumental streets between all the ditches..
I’ve picked a few I really liked, and definitely recommend you guys to have a look!

So for the ones who want to visit Amsterdam, but not just the always crowded popular stores.. Keep on reading.. 🙂

First there was just one, but recently they made it into two! Yes, two Jan stores next to each other! One with mostly fashion and one with all kinds of stuff; from children toys to designer sunglasses. This one is more a sort of concept/lifestylestore. They have a lot of cute handy stuff and it all ain’t very expensive. Bought a very beautiful piece of jewelry that I really liked at this store to treat myself! A perfect store for birthday gifts as an example!

Collective Space
Conceptstore with lovely designer stuff and the nicest fashion from the best brands! One I always really like is Tiger of Sweden and yes of course they have this! A cool space with cool drawings on the window on the outside which really want to make you go in and have a look! Inside the store it’s really trendy. Love the styling of the store! It’s very calm but at the same time there’s so much to see! I immediately fell in love with this 100% organic cotton bag with a print of birds on it. So I decided to get myself (another) present at this store! Definitely worth having a look here!

Second female
Very cool fashion store with perfectly cute items. Originally it’s a store from Copenhagen. Wel.. When I hear that I’m immediately sold to the store, cause I love Copenhagen and the Danish Brands. Sometimes stores like these can disappoint, but I can promise you.. This one does NOT disappoint! Yes, this store does have all the fashion items that are hot and wanted and it also has a really cool atmosphere. On the walls there are drawings of the typical canal houses they have at Amsterdam and they have very cool carpets on the floor. They styled the store very cool! Really want to go back, cause except the beautiful clothing the store itself is pretty as well..

Van Harte
Cosy and trendy resto to have a break and enjoy a delicious lunch! They have really good food and the place is very cosy inside. A corner in front of the window with a big couch, just a original wall made out of bricks, a wall with all kinds of pictures and paintings etcetera etcetera! It’s located at the Hartenstraat, and that’s where it got it’s name from! Even better, every bill is brought with a few candy hearts! Well that must be love right from the heart, don’t you think? 😉

We are labels
Fashion store with all those really trendy must haves and cool labels. Right now I spotted a few really cute coats.. They’re always very up to date and have the newest must haves! So it’s a pretty good tip for the fashionista’s among us!

Van Harte, Hartenstraat

DSC_9426 DSC_9436 DSC_9440 DSC_9441

Jan, Wolvenstraat

DSC_9442 DSC_9445DSC_9449

Collective Space, Wolvenstraat

DSC_9457 DSC_9459 DSC_9463

Second Female, Prinsengracht

DSC_9471 DSC_9474 DSC_9476 DSC_9482 DSC_9484

We Are Labels, Huidenstraat/Herengracht


Stay tuned cause there will be a lot of new spots! Got some catching up to do after this killing no-laptop silence.. 😉


Dutch Design all over the place!

It’s that time of the year again.. All the fashionista’s and design guru’s are heading out to Eindhoven to be overwhelmed with design. Yes that’s right, The Dutch Design Week!
I’ve been visiting the Dutch Design Week for a few days now and I’m getting super inspired. So a few small tips in case you’re visiting the DDW this weekend and not just want to visit the main spots!

Dreamland, an expo of a few designers at Strijp-S in the skate hall Area 51. You enter the skate hall first and walk past all the skaters and have a room for the exhibition. It’s kind of based on the skaters to combine their community with the one of the designers, which is very interesting. All the designers have done this on their own way and show their own things, but it’s very nice to see it all together. That they’re just doing it for fun is even more nice! The skate hall also has a spot where you can have a drink between all the skaters and hipsters. Very cool 😉


Piet Hein Eek has a lot of cool expositions, but the one I think that stands out is that with the young designers. A few new upcoming designers who show their work and process. It’s all very different, from illustrations to furniture, but they all have put a lot of work in it and you can see that. They also have small stands but all made it their own. Not very easy to find but it’s upstairs just in the beginning of the building. If you just look for the word: “Hier” you will find them.


De Modebelofte, always nice for the ones who love fashion (ME ME ME!). It’s in an old club at Stratumseind, right now it’s rebuild and they kept the club-style. Lots of different poses and light which makes you pay a lot of attention to every single outfit.


By the way, I’m at CoffeeYou right now posting this blog.. It’s next to the Design Academy and I’m reeeally enjoying my white tea and delicious piece of quiche. A perfect spot to rest after or during all those design impressions 😉 They also have bio bread, which I’m going to start my day with tomorrow! See you guys there? 🙂


Chilling with some locals at Locals!

Oh no.. it’s monday again! Done with the weekend and focus on work, not easy for everyone.. But I can guarantee that this hotspot will help you out!
It’s called Locals and is perfect for all of you who like to start their week with a good coffee!

It’s a small and cute coffee/lunch bar in the middle of Tilburg. When I entered this place, my eye immediatly fell on this cute corner at the window. They covered a bench with a lot of pillows which gives this place a very cosy ambience. Furthermore, there were a lot of other seats where you could sit. They decorated this place really nice and cosy, especially the walls that were covered by drawings and pictures. The thing that stands out with this resto to me is that they burn their coffee all by themselves. So just like their delights, a lot of the products are handmade! They have global flavors but also a lot of local products which makes you really feel home at this place. It’s a very unique place and YES, the coffee is good.

So to my friends in Tilburg, check this place out 🙂





Delicious bread at Broodt!

“Stadbakkerij Broodt”

This is an awesome bakery in the middle of Eindhoven. You can just buy a loaf of bread and take it home, or you can sit down in the small resto they’ve made. They make delicious breakfast and lunch! The soup of the day is also always a good idea. A lot of the stuff they make is organic and they use very good and honest ingredients! It’s a very cosy resto so I would definitely recommend to sit down! The floor is covered by carpets and there are different corners where you can sit down. Magazines and newspapers are everywhere, so you can spend your lunch reading. Which is something I really like! I also love the hospitality, everyone is so kind! It makes the place a perfect local bakery and hotspot!

I visited Broodt a few days ago with a friend of mine, but I’ve been here before. And I can definitely say that it’s an awesome place to start your day 🙂

Have a look at their website!